I left my corporate job on 7/21/17 in order to help showcase Nature for Mother Nature fans online. I did not arrive easily at this decision since my corporate job paid extremely well and included amazing benefits. Alas, the one benefit I was not easily allowed was the time to immediately pursue any and all wild events happening any and all moments of every day throughout the world. I know it would have helped me greatly to see more Nature during the work week, so that is what I’ve set out to bring to you. Stay tuned!

Fast Track Friday

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Happy Friday (here in Texas anyway : )

Today is day two of my break from food. Entirely... For a tbd amount of time. I have been researching health and what it takes to build tissue and regenerate some of the health we thought we had lost for good. So far at 41 years old I have to say that I have more energy than I did in my late 20's.

This journey started some time ago where over the course of about 8 months I lost roughly 80 pounds or 36.2874 kilos. While I said I would not post updates on my facebook page I thought it would be a bummer to not share my experience with this amazing group so we can all learn together.

After refining the foods I had been eating to a new and more varied mostly plant base diet I realized I was not getting hungry as often. In the past during that 8 month spell I completed a short 2.5 day fast where I simply waited to eat until I was actually hungry. I didn't do that again between then and now mostly because there are so many delicious foods.

I left the corporate world to showcase wildlife and nature after recovering my health for two reasons. One, the wildlife I used to see so easily because it was so abundant in the past is dwindling, even in the big pockets of nature that we have here in the US. Two, what we eat and how we consume everything (one time use items at home included) is in fact impacting every aspect of our wild regions and hurting our own health at the same time.

Whether or not we as a civilization are beyond recovery in terms of reversing whatever has happened to Mother Earth, we can in fact regain our own health if we approach things with an angle of curiosity and hope. Before I carry this message forward in a more positive manner, I needed to cleanse my mind in a way that was meaningful to myself. I see too much correlation between personal sacrifice and personal progress to deny the results so I am pressing on with the other often overlooked portions of the teachings we have all been exposed to in some form or another... Food coupled with spiritual insight (think religious texts), overlooked research (think non-FDA, non-consumer driven studies) and seasonal abundance (think spring time, fresh seasonal fruit and the absence of growth in wintertime).

In the past, our ancestors ate maybe once per day when times were good. Their bodies did not suffer the same ailments as we suffer today, and obviously we have new medical advances today that help us to bypass some ailments and overcome some of the shortcomings of our aging bodies as time goes by. However, I myself imagined combining the two aspects in regard to both having a naturally healthy body AND having the option to take advantage of today's medicines and treatments if I needed them. Not as a crutch though.

I can go on and on about all the benefits I have experienced in just eating a more natural array of foods, but instead I will simply document and share the journey on my youtube page whose link I will include in this post for anyone who is interested in subscribing to see what I go through over the course of this fast. The segment will begin the first week of March and will vary from episode to episode since it is all unscripted. Although I will return to these subjects over the course of my lifetime, my MAIN focus will be to showcase wildlife and nature here and abroad, so if you are also interested in places of beauty and wildlife and how we all tie together please consider subscribing to my youtube channel anyway! 

I will showcase some exciting new content going into quarter two of 2018 with the first stop being a fuller documentary of what exactly the Big Bend National Park is like here in Texas. I will then visit Chaco Canyon where another fellow Being Healthy and Fitter crew member will show me his favorite place just like I have done with Big Bend for so many of my friends and family. I can hardly wait to bring these destinations to those of us who are limited in time or ability from getting to these areas, and it is my honor to be able to do this as a profession.

Without further delay, here are some basic details that will be of interest:

Peak weight - 283.3 approx 12/2015

3/13/2016 - 263.4
5/1/2016 - 265 (in my notes I noted a "slump")
9/18/2016 - 259.4 (noted having gone with less meat)
9/25/2016 - 255.2 (one week in)
10/9/2016 - 248.2 (three weeks in, out hiked companions)
3/20/2017 - 221.4 (slow and steady progress by this point)
2/1/2018 - 203.3 (holding steady at 80 pounds lost)

On 2/7/2018 I had raspberries and a scallop and some black eyed peas after a long work day. Because I was not hungry and because the timing of this corresponded with the absolute dates I was going to kick off this entire journey as a full time professional wildlife and nature advocate, I decided to carry through with my spiritual cleanse and go forward with a slightly longer fast than the one I had tried so long ago just to see how it compared to what I had read and researched.

2/8/18 - 201.8 (end of day one of my fast)

The rest? TBD. Stay tuned!


Rey : )

Work Tools

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It has been said time and time again that the work is much easier when we have the right tools for the job. The same rings true when it comes to my transport vehicle. Not only does the Jeep that I got transport people in luxurious comfort, but it pretty much saved my life. I had been warned several times to avoid 285 when traversing between New Mexico and Texas, but this last trip I returned and took 285 at night despite the always constant oil field traffic consisting of heavy machinery and 18-wheelers.

The drive back from this last trip was as expected. I rode along a torn up highway with 18-wheelers barreling past me as oncoming trains sometimes passing in groups of up to 25 in a row with very little spacing between groups. Oddly there was not much traffic headed in the same direction as me, but as fate would have it there was the one vehicle behind me who insisted on traveling at the maximum speed limit on these torn up roads at night when oncoming glare from these high riding 18-wheelers could cause difficulties seeing obstacles ahead on the roadway.

It was because of just this circumstance that I did not see the tremendous pothole just past the entrance of one of the many inlets for the oil workers. Those are always the worst areas of highway. It seems that where the 18-wheelers begin turning onto the highway and accelerating, that is where the asphalt gets torn up the worst. Sure enough a gap twice the width and maybe three times the breadth of my passenger side tire was dead ahead, a stream of 18-wheelers screaming by in the oncoming lane... Zero shoulder to pull off onto in order to avoid the gap, and the one vehicle behind me so close that it was impossible to slow down very much...

BOOM, BOOM!!! I ran dead over the gigantic opening in the roadway at full speed. The car shook violently and all I could think was that this had happened before. I was in a Grand Am GT, it was a 2002. I bent both rims on the passenger side and had an immediate loss of tire pressure because I had burst one of the two tires. My car had run off course because I had an imbalance and was traveling at a high rate of speed. Thankfully this was only a fleeting flashback and the two booms and a quick shudder were all that I experience in my vehicle. It did not hurt that I had JUST swapped out the recently worn out first set of "shoes" for this vehicle and added some stellar 10-ply sidewall reinforced tires made for extreme conditions, but it also helped that I had the Trailhawk version of the Grand Cherokee. The off road suspension is built for a beating.

Although I will never subject my vehicle to this kind of beating again, I am fortunate to have survived this type of situation. The reality is that even in this vehicle I could have quickly been erased by a screaming stream of 18-wheelers after hitting that pothole had I experienced a sudden loss of tire pressure. In this case I did not suffer such a fate and instead I returned with a lot of insight into what it is that I will bring to the table video-wise going forward. Thankfully I already know that my transport vehicle is up to the challenge, even with the occasional extreme pothole thrown into the mix. No matter what the case though, it isn't just the right tools that make for easier work... It is also the right decisions. I will never take 285 at night like that again, and I will certainly consider any alternate route rather than taking the most direct route when it consists of such poor conditions all along the way.

If your path is littered with pitfalls and trouble, don't forget... Vehicle or not, taking the RIGHT path is also the quickest way to successfully arrive at your destination!


Relax, and don't forget to subscribe!!!


Lighten the Workload!Tools of the TradeI was never a "Jeep" person, but I can say for sure... I am a Jeep person now! Without this in my array, I would come up short in terms of delivering wildlife shots from these areas.

Outsider Tips - Big Bend

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Happy Wild Wednesday!

Way back when I was in Big Bend National Park. A ranger named Rob told me about this area called "Sewage Lagoon" which is essentially the paved drive down to the old sewage treatment facilities located just downhill from the campgrounds.

One morning during this same trip I had a gut feeling so I walked out towards this odoriferous area, but I turned just short of the treatment facility to crest a small hill. I had a feeling something was on the other side. Sure enough just over the hill I heard some noise...

I heard rustling in the brush in a small dip between me and the next hill... It sounded large!!! I only had to wait a few more moments before these ears popped up above the brush line. Sure enough, black fuzzy ears!!! A bear!!!

Happy Wild Wednesday!!!

On the other side
Of whatever hills block you
Is what you might seek



Outsider TipOver the HillMexican Black Bear near the "Sewage Lagoon" area in Big Bend National Park.

Distant Thoughts

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Happy Monday!

I am excited to continue to bring nature and wildlife related content to fellow Adventurers on a regular basis! I will finish this upcoming week by heading back into the wilds of Montana after saddling up my trusty steed. My supplies? Some camera gear to document and share the equipment, plenty of cold weather gear and a sense of wonder. The world is a small place in the long run, but the thoughts we have are not contained by these small places unless we limit those thoughts by failing to share them with one another.

I will continue to share these images on the go as often as I am able to do so, but I need your help. Today I will work out some of the monetary aspects I have been sitting on for a while and I will also be working on visiting with friends and family before heading off for this extended outing. Where I need your help is in the interactive department. Many of you may be enjoying these images and what I am saying along the way, and many more still could also be enjoying these images and inspirational content along the way.

I cannot reach anyone who is looking for my content without them being aware of me to begin with. That is where you come in. Please be sure to not only subscribe to the channels you are able to subscribe to, but also be sure to share any inspirational content you see so that other Adventurers can view these contributions. I have a rough plan as to how I am going to survive another year without the comforts of a corporate paycheck, but that plan includes the help of my friends and family in particular. Your interaction is my inspiration. Don't like what you are seeing? Let me know! Like what you are seeing? Let me AND other people know! This is how business works.

Like it or not, I am building a business... MY business includes plenty of time to enjoy nature, even on the clock, and it primarily focuses on HELPING each other wherever we may be at any given time. I do not receive corporate funding to do what I do, and I am just like many of you with the same pressing bills and challenges that everyone else has. In exchange for your support, I will continue to build upon this simple set of values while sharing prized photos and experiences on a variety of channels. These are the primary distant thoughts that come to the forefront of my mind over and over. In sharing that info here, I am releasing my concern "into the wild" where it can grow in its own direction. In exchange for that request I have traded these words, my actions (which I am already taking) and my work which also includes the words I am sharing.

Just to reiterate what it is I am doing, my focus is nature and wildlife as the driving content behind the inspirational stories I will share, but the driving goal is simply to enjoy my time helping those who I encounter along the journey. In doing so I will diversify not only my own limited comfortable range of locations and experiences, but I will also help broaden the knowledge of our groups by succeeding and failing and sharing the journey all the while. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I am honored to share these trails with you! I would never have been inspired to take this path without you in my life. If you have a few minutes and are curious about where this all began, here is the very first clip taken on the day that I was finally inspired to become my own boss:

Big Bend from San Antonio... As a Day Trip?!?


Wandering into WonderDistant ThoughtsOften we find our minds wandering. Wondering. What if... When... Why... I wonder... If we all sit still for long enough, can we find the answers needed to allow these thoughts to take us in the direction we wish to wander?

Inspire Someone!

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Happy Friday!

The first week 2018 was busier than I had thought! In addition to pulling together some gear and a plan for an upcoming extended outing, I got my first video for the year uploaded and shared while at the same time being messaged about an opportunity to show the Big Bend National Park to another fellow adventurer. All the while I have not been alone during this journey. People near and far have helped me to make this one of the most promising ventures I have ever embarked upon.

For now, the biggest hurdle I have to overcome is showcasing this content to its intended recipients. If you enjoy nature, keep an eye on our page! Subscribe to the blog, subscribe to our YouTube channel... But make sure to share the content that helps you smile. You are able to help someone else smile, and they in turn will be able to help someone else smile. Most of my feeds had been filled up with political rhetoric and I could not help but fight back by posting inspiring content full time. Please help me to find my market by continuing to share these posts when they provide you with the inspiration to do so. My goal is to start someone else on a journey that they were just waiting to be inspired to take!

Rey : )

P.S. Here is a link to our first travel video from this past 12/18-12/20:



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