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Mother Nature Framed

March 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Sunday!

I'm getting closer and closer to being able to post photos and videos on a more real-time basis. For now I am a one man show running and gunning and then trying to edit and post pics on the fly despite a pretty full schedule. It is fun and rewarding work though and it is so much more relevant to me to witness and relay the beauty I am seeing because it seems that all around our wild pockets are under attack... By ourselves. For just today, perhaps consider skipping the fast food lines. At the very minimum don't take or use the plastic one time use straws they give you at the restaurant. You know, some restaurants up north already refrain from placing these convenience items down because they are aware of the problems caused by all these plastic straws which are essentially wasting resources coming and going.

If you haven't been aware of this before, consider how much water it takes to "recycle" plastic. Consider how many chemicals and how much effort is needed to gather and partly recycle these wasteful items. Also consider how inconvenient it will be when we begin to run out of water to use for ourselves. Don't worry, it is already happening! Look at our major cities and look to the fires that happened last year. Instead of worrying, DO SOMETHING about it! Choose to become a part of a push that is in favor of Mother Nature. Nature has been "Framed" for too long as being the culprit behind our woes. For once let's consider looking at ourselves so that change IS possible, even if it is only for our own self and the families we head.

I know this was heavy, but it is not without solution. There are so many other ways to reduce our wastefulness, but one way for sure is to begin to reacquaint ourselves with nature. Nature is the only truly affordable health care available to us right now, both out in the wild and in our own grocery stores in the form of fruits and vegetables raised sustainably and ethically. Please consider shopping based on quality, not quantity. Also consider sharing these messages and photos if you believe in this cause. We cannot make headway without major involvement from the communities we are a part of. Religion and politics will not further this cause, but I will. Even if it is just me alone doing this as loudly and for as long as I am given the opportunity.



Big Bend BootBoot CanyonIn this shot the boot formation seen on the lower right hand side of the frame is illuminated in the foreground while the backdrop for this iconic feature is hidden in the shadows. If you don't see it, don't worry! Imagine a boot upside down (heel facing up) where the toe is pointing slightly away and off to the right and the heel is on the top left of the formation you are looking at... See it now? Enjoy! #us385


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