Mother Nature Framed | Happy 2018!!!

Happy 2018!!!

December 31, 2017  •  2 Comments

Happy New Year!

For 2018, let me present you with a "Clean Slate"! This photo captures both the prior fall of a stretch of forest and also the future regrowth habitat for a variety of plants and animals in nature. In the distance is an approaching winter storm. I've seen in nature that as long as its inhabitants can weather the storm, the bounty that awaits as springtime approaches is always worth allowing wintertime to wipe the slate clean.

If you aren't where you thought you'd be at the beginning of this year, that's ok! This is a NEW YEAR. This is the perfect time to start with your very own clean slate! If you don't have a plan other than to enjoy nature more, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel! I will continue to bring you inspiring content across all of the channels I present, and they will all tie in together using the central topic of nature where in many cases the video content itself will showcase the accompanying video content from the photos shared on this page. Let me start you off with a quick and easy trail found in my neck of the woods in West Texas:

US385 - Sam Nail Ranch - Big Bend National Park


Rey : )


PerseverenceClean SlateThis photo captures a December day during the cold and quiet approach of a winter storm in the middle of Yellowstone National Park. I call it "Clean Slate" because I can imagine the beauty and growth that will one day replace this otherwise leveled area of forest.


Mother Nature Framed
Of course! I might have even already have captured this scene during a prior spring. Stay tuned!
Beautiful picture. Can you show this place in spring?
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