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January 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

YOU putting YOU first is absolutely important. If your challenge is in finding a way to make time for yourself, find a successful mentor who you can trust to show you heathy and realistic ways to accomplish this task!

Remember, we can trade simple things for our goals to be realized. Trade one hour of routine television for one hour of streaming a Ted Talk to your big screen. I regularly watch informative videos shared by people like you and I, for example, and I am entertained just as much as I was before with the tv shows and sports that I used to watch... Only now I am learning and interacting with and supporting my communities in more realistic ways more often.

Seems crazy, but it shouldn't. It should seem logical. Why continue struggling? Put yourself first, even if it takes making two different meals to accomplish your own individual fitness goals in comparison to that of your family. Feed your body, mind and spirit all at the same time when you put yourself first. Only then can you realize the weight of caring for someone else... Because you realize it takes effort to properly recognize and care for your own self...

Strong words? It might take that for someone. It took strong words to get through to myself... Even when I was the only one doing all of the talking ;)

By the way, if you do have an hour or more to spend on a big screen with YouTube/HD or 4k capabilities, I strongly encourage taking some time to just watch my below video from the couch, maybe with a snack even. AND a drink too! The point is... Change HOW you see... At first you may think what you are watching is boring or just unusual, but you will most likely come to recognize a sense of peace that is unmistakable. You may even come to realize just how much you ENJOY peace... Click the following link with this in mind, it will change your entire life!!!



A Shared JourneyFollow Your PathOn the day we watched this bear, he was walking away from the convenience store in the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park. He was walking towards the Window View junction. It just goes to show you that we ALL share the same paths in life.


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