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Falling Into Place

January 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Like this leaf, my own journey is suspended in place. My journey is captured here in time as often as I am able to capture my adventure in free-fall along with the images and words that are carried on the winds that speak to us today. We can spend time seeing so many things because of the limitless possibilities that exist in time today, so I thank you for choosing to spend time reading what I wanted to share today. My belief is that we can actively choose between quality or quantity. The cost can be the same in the long run, but the outcome is wildly different in both cases.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy amazing quantities of television and phone related searches and threads like this... For eternity even... But when it comes to quality, there is nothing like having felt a sunrise in person. There is nothing like having been looked over by an adult bull moose in person. There is nothing like having a real conversation with one another in real life. Now ask yourself... When was the last time you felt like you opted for true quality over quantity?

The choice is difficult, but by comparison the decision should be easy. Why then is it so difficult to move into a new direction? My theory is not even a theory... It is truth... Change can be scary. Let me be the first to continue to resonate the same thoughts you've had before in a new way for you... Scary is JUST a mindset. Many have succeeded before us, yet many more have failed... Only the ones who put in quality time will demonstrate quality results. Not even a gifted artisan can produce quality results without putting in quality time. When put side to side for comparison's sake, quality will always win over quantity.

If the QUANTITY of things we are actively and even inactively tracking in our minds is reduced (quick, where are your car keys?), our CALM can be increased. Only fear can thrive when quantity is achieved. Have deadlines? Feel pressured in your position over time constraints of any sort? Compromising your family's quality time over quantities of work that seem meaningless when you look back on those opportunities that are currently being missed and overlooked? That is what quantity drives. For this reason itself, we should never purchase items that are produced in vast quantities without imagining that they are driving the specific work hours we are working right now. Pay more for the sustainably sourced alternative and pay yourself to work at a job where the hours are not compromising your own quality of life in exchange for the quantity of work you are producing.

BECOME the change you wish to see.

NOW is the time to opt for quality each and every time you spend anything on yourself. Remember, treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated. Share QUALITY each and every time. Nurture yourself first and in doing so you will nurture your own personal goals into reality.

Have a great day!

Rey : )


An Incomplete JourneyFalling Into PlaceI took this image many years ago. It is that of a leaf incomplete in its fall. It is suspended by a single spiderweb in this moment in time. I took many photographs of this scene in order to present this leaf appearing to be in free-fall against its fall backdrop with a blue sky.


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