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January 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

Happy Monday!

I am excited to continue to bring nature and wildlife related content to fellow Adventurers on a regular basis! I will finish this upcoming week by heading back into the wilds of Montana after saddling up my trusty steed. My supplies? Some camera gear to document and share the equipment, plenty of cold weather gear and a sense of wonder. The world is a small place in the long run, but the thoughts we have are not contained by these small places unless we limit those thoughts by failing to share them with one another.

I will continue to share these images on the go as often as I am able to do so, but I need your help. Today I will work out some of the monetary aspects I have been sitting on for a while and I will also be working on visiting with friends and family before heading off for this extended outing. Where I need your help is in the interactive department. Many of you may be enjoying these images and what I am saying along the way, and many more still could also be enjoying these images and inspirational content along the way.

I cannot reach anyone who is looking for my content without them being aware of me to begin with. That is where you come in. Please be sure to not only subscribe to the channels you are able to subscribe to, but also be sure to share any inspirational content you see so that other Adventurers can view these contributions. I have a rough plan as to how I am going to survive another year without the comforts of a corporate paycheck, but that plan includes the help of my friends and family in particular. Your interaction is my inspiration. Don't like what you are seeing? Let me know! Like what you are seeing? Let me AND other people know! This is how business works.

Like it or not, I am building a business... MY business includes plenty of time to enjoy nature, even on the clock, and it primarily focuses on HELPING each other wherever we may be at any given time. I do not receive corporate funding to do what I do, and I am just like many of you with the same pressing bills and challenges that everyone else has. In exchange for your support, I will continue to build upon this simple set of values while sharing prized photos and experiences on a variety of channels. These are the primary distant thoughts that come to the forefront of my mind over and over. In sharing that info here, I am releasing my concern "into the wild" where it can grow in its own direction. In exchange for that request I have traded these words, my actions (which I am already taking) and my work which also includes the words I am sharing.

Just to reiterate what it is I am doing, my focus is nature and wildlife as the driving content behind the inspirational stories I will share, but the driving goal is simply to enjoy my time helping those who I encounter along the journey. In doing so I will diversify not only my own limited comfortable range of locations and experiences, but I will also help broaden the knowledge of our groups by succeeding and failing and sharing the journey all the while. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I am honored to share these trails with you! I would never have been inspired to take this path without you in my life. If you have a few minutes and are curious about where this all began, here is the very first clip taken on the day that I was finally inspired to become my own boss:

Big Bend from San Antonio... As a Day Trip?!?


Wandering into WonderDistant ThoughtsOften we find our minds wandering. Wondering. What if... When... Why... I wonder... If we all sit still for long enough, can we find the answers needed to allow these thoughts to take us in the direction we wish to wander?


Juan Limon(non-registered)
I did this this past Sunday thru Monday.
I had seen your video weeks before about leaving San Antonio and going to big bend. The drives were long but very well rested.
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