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Does Anyone Like Rattlesnakes?

September 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Tuesday!

I know that snakes are not the most attractive of the critters that people post pictures of, but I am a firm believer in posting photos of ALL critters that were photogenic during a given outing. In other words, I aspire to present ALL of the beauty (even the beasts) that have crossed paths with me as often as possible. All critters are worthwhile indicators of the health of a given ecosystem. In fact, without some of these critters we would not have as much stability in the ecosystems that we in fact a part of.

Although I do intend to present photos of snakes and spiders and maybe a few other critters that people might consider to be scary, I do tend to have the same "awww, how cute!" reaction to things that are in fact cute. On that note, I am CERTAIN that I will also present quite the number of cute and fluffy images as time goes by. For today as I begin my work revamping the content that I have both here and on my social media pages, I came across this easy to work with (translated... perfect duration/easy to post on all channels quickly) video file and started with this. It is a rattlesnake crossing the road:

Rattlesnake slowly crossing the road in Big Bend National Park

Remember... EVERYONE (and everything) is here for a reason. Let's keep opinions to a minimum, facts at the forefront, and logic should ALWAYS be in play. Leave behind the fear and greed and get yourself out into nature when you can, it can change your life (and perspective) forever!

Rey : )



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