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How did your day begin?

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We don't always realize it, but the way our day begins can be greatly influenced by how our previous day ended. As an example, if we spend our time falling asleep being grateful for what we have and/or with positive thoughts about how the next day's individual challenges will be overcome, we will wake up refreshed and confident about facing the new day's already identified challenges. If we fall asleep with great concern (think of how it feels to read or listen to urgent newsworthy feeds before bed) we will often times dream about these large scale problems and we can wake up anxious about facing the day with a feeling of being unable to accomplish everything we need to accomplish because we don't have absolute control over some of the large scale problems our society faces. It is better to fall asleep giving thanks for what we have and thinking about how we can help ourselves and those who we know and interact with to have a happier day rather than falling asleep worrying how to further our individual status or how to solve the world's problems.

If your day started off with trouble and concern, that's ok! Every day has new potential. I am sharing this insight so that we can remind ourselves of how to short circuit the pattern of negative day after negative day. Start out by ending the day right! The night before, unplug! Disconnect from mainstream television. Fire up that smart tv you have and load up some informative YouTube videos showing you a new place or a new dish you've been interested in preparing! Fall asleep after reading a few pages or a chapter of a book you are interested in! The main focus here should be avoiding the introduction of new stress into your thoughts before the end of the day. How in the world can you guarantee that you achieve this? Well, you have absolute control over most of the the influences that are introduced into your life. If you like nature, make a plan to start out seeing nature when you wake up! It helps if you focus on something equally amazing the night before you wind down your day! If you find something that works, share it with someone else so they can also enjoy having less stress as well!


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Sunrise from South RimSunrise from South RimThis photo was taken the morning of 06/03/07 after hiking the majority of Pinnacles by moonlight and flashlight. Along the way three black bears (along with myself) were awakened quite suddenly well before sunrise after a chance encounter somewhere in Boot Canyon. Enjoy!

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