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September 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It seems difficult to think in terms of eras, but only if we limit our own scope of thought to be constrained by our individual longevity. Some of us do not set out to do so, but we will leave behind works that may be reviewed beyond our own lifespan. When I looked back on what I was leaving in my wake, it was not all that amazing. Don't take what I write in the wrong way, I am absolutely blessed to have an amazing family and some amazingly supportive friends. I was blessed to have a great job with great benefits, and it was a job that I worked hard to earn to begin with, but it was not a job that felt "natural" to me.

I haven't always felt more at home outside than inside, but wildlife continues to draw me outside and I have grown more comfortable outside as civilization has become more "advanced". Wildlife is a key indicator as far as the health of an ecosystem. Wonderful landscapes are always in the proximity of pockets of wildlife. It is difficult for me to go into a place looking for wildlife only to come up empty handed in terms of landscape images. In other words, even on a "bad day at work" outside, I still find solitude and beauty on every horizon.

I am not sure that mass printings will continue to exist Across the Eras, but I am certain that people will always enjoy looking at the wild beauty that still manages to exist among the harshest conditions that are sometimes caused by humanity. I am excited to bring these wild stories your way from those places that were just "too far to go see with just one week of earned time off". I will do my best to capture the overall energy to share with you, and I will do my best to earn my keep. Do me a favor if you see something you like... SHARE what you see! I do have the tools I need to do my job... But I still have to pay for them! :)


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