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Happy Friday, Everyone!

Today is May 28, 2021 and I wanted to shift gears a bit. My Jeep had a hiccup recently when it came to shifting gears so I left my work vehicle at the best place I know to get it back in top shape and I was told that the work would be completed by Monday morning. In addition to that, we were all up through 4am in this household with an ailing pup. The vet said he checked out and all will be well after some pain meds and rest. Isn't that the case for all of the troubles we experience throughout life as humans? On with the show!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I started with the image of these tomato plants which have officially exceeded my own height as of this week! I planted the plants you see in this image just three days after the snow here in San Antonio. As the ground thawed, I posted a video clip showing why I dug these plants into the ground so suddenly. The thawing snow made the ground easy to dig and the rocks, big or small, were easier to move in that condition. Please have a look at the YouTube video if you get a chance, I would appreciate it greatly!

Crop Blockers


All in all, life has been excellent here with the one exception that my father has been very unpredictable when it comes to the thoughts that come to his mind and the actions that he carries out based on those thoughts. Family and friends and even the police department themselves have had trouble coming to my assistance because as we all know, the person in trouble needs to want to change things to begin with for anything to work out in the favor of all of those involved. On that note, although I am exceedingly happy with life I am concerned with my family.

I haven't posted here in a while and yet I intend to revert my posts to all fall within this channel g(r)o(w)ing forward as our social platforms continue to erode into bickering and posturing platforms. Please stay tuned as I tie some subject material together via a variety of amazing imagery, music and stories that are sure to bring emotion to you, the reader. Also be aware that sharing these tales helps us heal and grow together.

It is Friday as I'm typing this, so have a fantastic weekend, and I realize you will read this on perhaps any day other than today, so have a fantastic day or evening, wherever you happen to be consuming this nourishing content from! Please help me out if you enjoy that YouTube video by subscribing to the content there and please help bring positive energy to whatever you happen to have the opportunity to nurture today. Peace to you and yours, health is wealth! Remember that what we consume is not only in the format of foods and drinks!

Rey : )

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Day Four Today is Day Four of my water only fast. I will end my fast on this note:

We grew a garden
We will eat from it for now
Gratitude restored


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Day Two Today is Day Two
I go without food again
And still I give thanks


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Here Kitty Kitty! For all who are into wildlife, perhaps one of the more exciting things to have an encounter with in the Big Bend region (or any region perhaps) is a wildcat.


In this particular clip I happen to have placed a motion activated camera somewhere very near the Chisos Mountains Lodge area after discussing the nature of my goals with some of the Park Rangers. Not more than two hours after having placed the camera a large cat "appeared" in frame and then moved towards the tree cover I'd anticipated a large cat might want to head for after scoping out the open "ambush" area. Also behind the camera unseen aside from the tree cover is a small boulder field with several crevices and high points where a large cat or any variety of animals can take shelter and watch unassuming passersby. If ever I were to disclose the true location in which this motion activated camera were placed, it might give pause to many of us when we think about ambling about in the wilds of Big Bend for it would make it clear that even though we are not seeing these beautiful beasts in most cases, they are most certainly seeing us. This time around I am sharing this clip from the archives so that we can turn the tables and see the big cat for once. 


Have a great day and thanks for checking out this clip! Feel free to share this on social media, I used to enjoy sharing nature clips on social media since it would get a smile from many of my counterparts. That and without being able to take people out to West Texas on the occasional guided trip my income has been significantly impacted. I'm in San Antonio if that helps influence your "support local" direction, and again... All I'm asking is for a share on your own social media stream if you get the chance. Mostly to help others "wow" and take pause to see something even more wild than the current state of affairs in the nation. Also for those in San Antonio, the local zoo has a drive through option during these corona distancing times! Not that it is great to have a lot of wildlife in cages but for those already in cages the S.A. Zoo persists off of the income they make from visitation. Without money to fund operations, it is likely that the animals are the ones being shorted. Without nature there is no nurture.


A Big Bend Mountain Lion

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Mother Nature Framed Happy Sunday!

I'm getting closer and closer to being able to post photos and videos on a more real-time basis. For now I am a one man show running and gunning and then trying to edit and post pics on the fly despite a pretty full schedule. It is fun and rewarding work though and it is so much more relevant to me to witness and relay the beauty I am seeing because it seems that all around our wild pockets are under attack... By ourselves. For just today, perhaps consider skipping the fast food lines. At the very minimum don't take or use the plastic one time use straws they give you at the restaurant. You know, some restaurants up north already refrain from placing these convenience items down because they are aware of the problems caused by all these plastic straws which are essentially wasting resources coming and going.

If you haven't been aware of this before, consider how much water it takes to "recycle" plastic. Consider how many chemicals and how much effort is needed to gather and partly recycle these wasteful items. Also consider how inconvenient it will be when we begin to run out of water to use for ourselves. Don't worry, it is already happening! Look at our major cities and look to the fires that happened last year. Instead of worrying, DO SOMETHING about it! Choose to become a part of a push that is in favor of Mother Nature. Nature has been "Framed" for too long as being the culprit behind our woes. For once let's consider looking at ourselves so that change IS possible, even if it is only for our own self and the families we head.

I know this was heavy, but it is not without solution. There are so many other ways to reduce our wastefulness, but one way for sure is to begin to reacquaint ourselves with nature. Nature is the only truly affordable health care available to us right now, both out in the wild and in our own grocery stores in the form of fruits and vegetables raised sustainably and ethically. Please consider shopping based on quality, not quantity. Also consider sharing these messages and photos if you believe in this cause. We cannot make headway without major involvement from the communities we are a part of. Religion and politics will not further this cause, but I will. Even if it is just me alone doing this as loudly and for as long as I am given the opportunity.



Big Bend BootBoot CanyonIn this shot the boot formation seen on the lower right hand side of the frame is illuminated in the foreground while the backdrop for this iconic feature is hidden in the shadows. If you don't see it, don't worry! Imagine a boot upside down (heel facing up) where the toe is pointing slightly away and off to the right and the heel is on the top left of the formation you are looking at... See it now? Enjoy! #us385

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Fast Track Friday Happy Friday (here in Texas anyway : )

Today is day two of my break from food. Entirely... For a tbd amount of time. I have been researching health and what it takes to build tissue and regenerate some of the health we thought we had lost for good. So far at 41 years old I have to say that I have more energy than I did in my late 20's.

This journey started some time ago where over the course of about 8 months I lost roughly 80 pounds or 36.2874 kilos. While I said I would not post updates on my facebook page I thought it would be a bummer to not share my experience with this amazing group so we can all learn together.

After refining the foods I had been eating to a new and more varied mostly plant base diet I realized I was not getting hungry as often. In the past during that 8 month spell I completed a short 2.5 day fast where I simply waited to eat until I was actually hungry. I didn't do that again between then and now mostly because there are so many delicious foods.

I left the corporate world to showcase wildlife and nature after recovering my health for two reasons. One, the wildlife I used to see so easily because it was so abundant in the past is dwindling, even in the big pockets of nature that we have here in the US. Two, what we eat and how we consume everything (one time use items at home included) is in fact impacting every aspect of our wild regions and hurting our own health at the same time.

Whether or not we as a civilization are beyond recovery in terms of reversing whatever has happened to Mother Earth, we can in fact regain our own health if we approach things with an angle of curiosity and hope. Before I carry this message forward in a more positive manner, I needed to cleanse my mind in a way that was meaningful to myself. I see too much correlation between personal sacrifice and personal progress to deny the results so I am pressing on with the other often overlooked portions of the teachings we have all been exposed to in some form or another... Food coupled with spiritual insight (think religious texts), overlooked research (think non-FDA, non-consumer driven studies) and seasonal abundance (think spring time, fresh seasonal fruit and the absence of growth in wintertime).

In the past, our ancestors ate maybe once per day when times were good. Their bodies did not suffer the same ailments as we suffer today, and obviously we have new medical advances today that help us to bypass some ailments and overcome some of the shortcomings of our aging bodies as time goes by. However, I myself imagined combining the two aspects in regard to both having a naturally healthy body AND having the option to take advantage of today's medicines and treatments if I needed them. Not as a crutch though.

I can go on and on about all the benefits I have experienced in just eating a more natural array of foods, but instead I will simply document and share the journey on my youtube page whose link I will include in this post for anyone who is interested in subscribing to see what I go through over the course of this fast. The segment will begin the first week of March and will vary from episode to episode since it is all unscripted. Although I will return to these subjects over the course of my lifetime, my MAIN focus will be to showcase wildlife and nature here and abroad, so if you are also interested in places of beauty and wildlife and how we all tie together please consider subscribing to my youtube channel anyway! 

I will showcase some exciting new content going into quarter two of 2018 with the first stop being a fuller documentary of what exactly the Big Bend National Park is like here in Texas. I will then visit Chaco Canyon where another fellow Being Healthy and Fitter crew member will show me his favorite place just like I have done with Big Bend for so many of my friends and family. I can hardly wait to bring these destinations to those of us who are limited in time or ability from getting to these areas, and it is my honor to be able to do this as a profession.

Without further delay, here are some basic details that will be of interest:

Peak weight - 283.3 approx 12/2015

3/13/2016 - 263.4
5/1/2016 - 265 (in my notes I noted a "slump")
9/18/2016 - 259.4 (noted having gone with less meat)
9/25/2016 - 255.2 (one week in)
10/9/2016 - 248.2 (three weeks in, out hiked companions)
3/20/2017 - 221.4 (slow and steady progress by this point)
2/1/2018 - 203.3 (holding steady at 80 pounds lost)

On 2/7/2018 I had raspberries and a scallop and some black eyed peas after a long work day. Because I was not hungry and because the timing of this corresponded with the absolute dates I was going to kick off this entire journey as a full time professional wildlife and nature advocate, I decided to carry through with my spiritual cleanse and go forward with a slightly longer fast than the one I had tried so long ago just to see how it compared to what I had read and researched.

2/8/18 - 201.8 (end of day one of my fast)

The rest? TBD. Stay tuned!

Rey : )

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Work Tools It has been said time and time again that the work is much easier when we have the right tools for the job. The same rings true when it comes to my transport vehicle. Not only does the Jeep that I got transport people in luxurious comfort, but it pretty much saved my life. I had been warned several times to avoid 285 when traversing between New Mexico and Texas, but this last trip I returned and took 285 at night despite the always constant oil field traffic consisting of heavy machinery and 18-wheelers.

The drive back from this last trip was as expected. I rode along a torn up highway with 18-wheelers barreling past me as oncoming trains sometimes passing in groups of up to 25 in a row with very little spacing between groups. Oddly there was not much traffic headed in the same direction as me, but as fate would have it there was the one vehicle behind me who insisted on traveling at the maximum speed limit on these torn up roads at night when oncoming glare from these high riding 18-wheelers could cause difficulties seeing obstacles ahead on the roadway.

It was because of just this circumstance that I did not see the tremendous pothole just past the entrance of one of the many inlets for the oil workers. Those are always the worst areas of highway. It seems that where the 18-wheelers begin turning onto the highway and accelerating, that is where the asphalt gets torn up the worst. Sure enough a gap twice the width and maybe three times the breadth of my passenger side tire was dead ahead, a stream of 18-wheelers screaming by in the oncoming lane... Zero shoulder to pull off onto in order to avoid the gap, and the one vehicle behind me so close that it was impossible to slow down very much...

BOOM, BOOM!!! I ran dead over the gigantic opening in the roadway at full speed. The car shook violently and all I could think was that this had happened before. I was in a Grand Am GT, it was a 2002. I bent both rims on the passenger side and had an immediate loss of tire pressure because I had burst one of the two tires. My car had run off course because I had an imbalance and was traveling at a high rate of speed. Thankfully this was only a fleeting flashback and the two booms and a quick shudder were all that I experience in my vehicle. It did not hurt that I had JUST swapped out the recently worn out first set of "shoes" for this vehicle and added some stellar 10-ply sidewall reinforced tires made for extreme conditions, but it also helped that I had the Trailhawk version of the Grand Cherokee. The off road suspension is built for a beating.

Although I will never subject my vehicle to this kind of beating again, I am fortunate to have survived this type of situation. The reality is that even in this vehicle I could have quickly been erased by a screaming stream of 18-wheelers after hitting that pothole had I experienced a sudden loss of tire pressure. In this case I did not suffer such a fate and instead I returned with a lot of insight into what it is that I will bring to the table video-wise going forward. Thankfully I already know that my transport vehicle is up to the challenge, even with the occasional extreme pothole thrown into the mix. No matter what the case though, it isn't just the right tools that make for easier work... It is also the right decisions. I will never take 285 at night like that again, and I will certainly consider any alternate route rather than taking the most direct route when it consists of such poor conditions all along the way.

If your path is littered with pitfalls and trouble, don't forget... Vehicle or not, taking the RIGHT path is also the quickest way to successfully arrive at your destination!


Relax, and don't forget to subscribe!!!


Lighten the Workload!Tools of the TradeI was never a "Jeep" person, but I can say for sure... I am a Jeep person now! Without this in my array, I would come up short in terms of delivering wildlife shots from these areas.

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Outsider Tips - Big Bend Happy Wild Wednesday!

Way back when I was in Big Bend National Park. A ranger named Rob told me about this area called "Sewage Lagoon" which is essentially the paved drive down to the old sewage treatment facilities located just downhill from the campgrounds.

One morning during this same trip I had a gut feeling so I walked out towards this odoriferous area, but I turned just short of the treatment facility to crest a small hill. I had a feeling something was on the other side. Sure enough just over the hill I heard some noise...

I heard rustling in the brush in a small dip between me and the next hill... It sounded large!!! I only had to wait a few more moments before these ears popped up above the brush line. Sure enough, black fuzzy ears!!! A bear!!!

Happy Wild Wednesday!!!

On the other side
Of whatever hills block you
Is what you might seek



Outsider TipOver the HillMexican Black Bear near the "Sewage Lagoon" area in Big Bend National Park.

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Distant Thoughts Happy Monday!

I am excited to continue to bring nature and wildlife related content to fellow Adventurers on a regular basis! I will finish this upcoming week by heading back into the wilds of Montana after saddling up my trusty steed. My supplies? Some camera gear to document and share the equipment, plenty of cold weather gear and a sense of wonder. The world is a small place in the long run, but the thoughts we have are not contained by these small places unless we limit those thoughts by failing to share them with one another.

I will continue to share these images on the go as often as I am able to do so, but I need your help. Today I will work out some of the monetary aspects I have been sitting on for a while and I will also be working on visiting with friends and family before heading off for this extended outing. Where I need your help is in the interactive department. Many of you may be enjoying these images and what I am saying along the way, and many more still could also be enjoying these images and inspirational content along the way.

I cannot reach anyone who is looking for my content without them being aware of me to begin with. That is where you come in. Please be sure to not only subscribe to the channels you are able to subscribe to, but also be sure to share any inspirational content you see so that other Adventurers can view these contributions. I have a rough plan as to how I am going to survive another year without the comforts of a corporate paycheck, but that plan includes the help of my friends and family in particular. Your interaction is my inspiration. Don't like what you are seeing? Let me know! Like what you are seeing? Let me AND other people know! This is how business works.

Like it or not, I am building a business... MY business includes plenty of time to enjoy nature, even on the clock, and it primarily focuses on HELPING each other wherever we may be at any given time. I do not receive corporate funding to do what I do, and I am just like many of you with the same pressing bills and challenges that everyone else has. In exchange for your support, I will continue to build upon this simple set of values while sharing prized photos and experiences on a variety of channels. These are the primary distant thoughts that come to the forefront of my mind over and over. In sharing that info here, I am releasing my concern "into the wild" where it can grow in its own direction. In exchange for that request I have traded these words, my actions (which I am already taking) and my work which also includes the words I am sharing.

Just to reiterate what it is I am doing, my focus is nature and wildlife as the driving content behind the inspirational stories I will share, but the driving goal is simply to enjoy my time helping those who I encounter along the journey. In doing so I will diversify not only my own limited comfortable range of locations and experiences, but I will also help broaden the knowledge of our groups by succeeding and failing and sharing the journey all the while. I hope you have a wonderful day, and I am honored to share these trails with you! I would never have been inspired to take this path without you in my life. If you have a few minutes and are curious about where this all began, here is the very first clip taken on the day that I was finally inspired to become my own boss:

Big Bend from San Antonio... As a Day Trip?!?


Wandering into WonderDistant ThoughtsOften we find our minds wandering. Wondering. What if... When... Why... I wonder... If we all sit still for long enough, can we find the answers needed to allow these thoughts to take us in the direction we wish to wander?

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Inspire Someone! Happy Friday!

The first week 2018 was busier than I had thought! In addition to pulling together some gear and a plan for an upcoming extended outing, I got my first video for the year uploaded and shared while at the same time being messaged about an opportunity to show the Big Bend National Park to another fellow adventurer. All the while I have not been alone during this journey. People near and far have helped me to make this one of the most promising ventures I have ever embarked upon.

For now, the biggest hurdle I have to overcome is showcasing this content to its intended recipients. If you enjoy nature, keep an eye on our page! Subscribe to the blog, subscribe to our YouTube channel... But make sure to share the content that helps you smile. You are able to help someone else smile, and they in turn will be able to help someone else smile. Most of my feeds had been filled up with political rhetoric and I could not help but fight back by posting inspiring content full time. Please help me to find my market by continuing to share these posts when they provide you with the inspiration to do so. My goal is to start someone else on a journey that they were just waiting to be inspired to take!

Rey : )

P.S. Here is a link to our first travel video from this past 12/18-12/20:



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Follow Your Path YOU putting YOU first is absolutely important. If your challenge is in finding a way to make time for yourself, find a successful mentor who you can trust to show you heathy and realistic ways to accomplish this task!

Remember, we can trade simple things for our goals to be realized. Trade one hour of routine television for one hour of streaming a Ted Talk to your big screen. I regularly watch informative videos shared by people like you and I, for example, and I am entertained just as much as I was before with the tv shows and sports that I used to watch... Only now I am learning and interacting with and supporting my communities in more realistic ways more often.

Seems crazy, but it shouldn't. It should seem logical. Why continue struggling? Put yourself first, even if it takes making two different meals to accomplish your own individual fitness goals in comparison to that of your family. Feed your body, mind and spirit all at the same time when you put yourself first. Only then can you realize the weight of caring for someone else... Because you realize it takes effort to properly recognize and care for your own self...

Strong words? It might take that for someone. It took strong words to get through to myself... Even when I was the only one doing all of the talking ;)

By the way, if you do have an hour or more to spend on a big screen with YouTube/HD or 4k capabilities, I strongly encourage taking some time to just watch my below video from the couch, maybe with a snack even. AND a drink too! The point is... Change HOW you see... At first you may think what you are watching is boring or just unusual, but you will most likely come to recognize a sense of peace that is unmistakable. You may even come to realize just how much you ENJOY peace... Click the following link with this in mind, it will change your entire life!!!



A Shared JourneyFollow Your PathOn the day we watched this bear, he was walking away from the convenience store in the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park. He was walking towards the Window View junction. It just goes to show you that we ALL share the same paths in life.

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Falling Into Place Like this leaf, my own journey is suspended in place. My journey is captured here in time as often as I am able to capture my adventure in free-fall along with the images and words that are carried on the winds that speak to us today. We can spend time seeing so many things because of the limitless possibilities that exist in time today, so I thank you for choosing to spend time reading what I wanted to share today. My belief is that we can actively choose between quality or quantity. The cost can be the same in the long run, but the outcome is wildly different in both cases.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy amazing quantities of television and phone related searches and threads like this... For eternity even... But when it comes to quality, there is nothing like having felt a sunrise in person. There is nothing like having been looked over by an adult bull moose in person. There is nothing like having a real conversation with one another in real life. Now ask yourself... When was the last time you felt like you opted for true quality over quantity?

The choice is difficult, but by comparison the decision should be easy. Why then is it so difficult to move into a new direction? My theory is not even a theory... It is truth... Change can be scary. Let me be the first to continue to resonate the same thoughts you've had before in a new way for you... Scary is JUST a mindset. Many have succeeded before us, yet many more have failed... Only the ones who put in quality time will demonstrate quality results. Not even a gifted artisan can produce quality results without putting in quality time. When put side to side for comparison's sake, quality will always win over quantity.

If the QUANTITY of things we are actively and even inactively tracking in our minds is reduced (quick, where are your car keys?), our CALM can be increased. Only fear can thrive when quantity is achieved. Have deadlines? Feel pressured in your position over time constraints of any sort? Compromising your family's quality time over quantities of work that seem meaningless when you look back on those opportunities that are currently being missed and overlooked? That is what quantity drives. For this reason itself, we should never purchase items that are produced in vast quantities without imagining that they are driving the specific work hours we are working right now. Pay more for the sustainably sourced alternative and pay yourself to work at a job where the hours are not compromising your own quality of life in exchange for the quantity of work you are producing.

BECOME the change you wish to see.

NOW is the time to opt for quality each and every time you spend anything on yourself. Remember, treat your neighbor as you would like to be treated. Share QUALITY each and every time. Nurture yourself first and in doing so you will nurture your own personal goals into reality.

Have a great day!

Rey : )


An Incomplete JourneyFalling Into PlaceI took this image many years ago. It is that of a leaf incomplete in its fall. It is suspended by a single spiderweb in this moment in time. I took many photographs of this scene in order to present this leaf appearing to be in free-fall against its fall backdrop with a blue sky.

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Happy 2018!!! Happy New Year!

For 2018, let me present you with a "Clean Slate"! This photo captures both the prior fall of a stretch of forest and also the future regrowth habitat for a variety of plants and animals in nature. In the distance is an approaching winter storm. I've seen in nature that as long as its inhabitants can weather the storm, the bounty that awaits as springtime approaches is always worth allowing wintertime to wipe the slate clean.

If you aren't where you thought you'd be at the beginning of this year, that's ok! This is a NEW YEAR. This is the perfect time to start with your very own clean slate! If you don't have a plan other than to enjoy nature more, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel! I will continue to bring you inspiring content across all of the channels I present, and they will all tie in together using the central topic of nature where in many cases the video content itself will showcase the accompanying video content from the photos shared on this page. Let me start you off with a quick and easy trail found in my neck of the woods in West Texas:

US385 - Sam Nail Ranch - Big Bend National Park


Rey : )


PerseverenceClean SlateThis photo captures a December day during the cold and quiet approach of a winter storm in the middle of Yellowstone National Park. I call it "Clean Slate" because I can imagine the beauty and growth that will one day replace this otherwise leveled area of forest.

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Tree-t Yourself Right! Happy Day! 

Whatever day it is when you read this, I hope you are having an amazing day and that you are looking forward to spending some amazing time with your friends and family as the holidays approach! I am definitely looking forward to continuing to spend time with friends and family as the year winds down here. No matter where you are in relation to your family and friends, remember... You can spend TIME with each other without even being in the same physical place!

Imagine that, huh? Think of all of those amazing meeting tools we use at work... Don't be afraid to incorporate some of that technology into the personal flow of things IF it helps you to achieve something amazing! Anyway I thought this tree was amazing. I took this photo just a couple of weeks ago after spending time with some distant adventure loving friends and family. Here I am sharing this with you electronically and now I'm virtually spending time with you even though you may not be seeing this when I'm seeing it. Imagine that, huh? Hopefully I still helped bring a smile your way even though I am not in the same physical location as you.

If you haven't been to Yellowstone National Park and have been looking for an excuse other than the wildlife to get you to finally give this park a look, how about this tree? How about me asking you if you are interested in visiting the park and suggesting that I can pick you up at whatever airport you want to land at so that we can get you to see this amazing place? Whatever it takes, make sure you take some time to enjoy this spectacular National Park when you are next presented with the opportunity to do so. Meantime, enjoy your day and I hope you enjoy this tree-t!

Happy Day!

Rey : )


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Thankful for You Today I'd like to start out giving thanks for all of my friends and family! Especially those who have stuck by me as I have continued to remove myself from the corporate world. That change alone has started me down a path where I can really ENJOY time with friends and family, albeit with some juggling since removing myself from the corporate stream of money.

Corporate or not, make sure to spend time being THANKFUL for each other. What does that mean to me? It means turning the TV off, listening to what those special people are saying to us, and enjoying LIFE with them. This is a fleeting event we are all a part of each time we open our eyes in the morning. Some will fly longer, some shorter, but none will be truly appreciated if we are not there with each other appreciating each other's journey as we pass through this stage called life.

Happy Thanksgiving from me to you, and thank you for coming along to watch our journey as well!

Rey : )


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Where did November go? One of the great things about Big Bend is that it is in nature. The reason I say this is that I was recently able to hang out with some friends in the Big Bend National Park area, or essentially "in nature". Why is this such a big deal? Well, when it comes down to it we were able to communicate with one another in nature with way less interruptions which constantly chisel away at our peace in civilization. If you have not had a close conversation recently with someone who you admire, respect, care about, or simply want to get to know more about, then you are doing yourself a great disservice if your get together does not include some form of being outside in nature.

I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in this outing, I appreciate having the opportunity to meet you all and I truly enjoyed spending quality time with you!


Oh, and by the way... Where did November go? I mean, I know it isn't over... But don't you agree? We're about to blast through this one with only December to go before the year's end... Make sure to spend time with one another enjoying actual quality interactions rather than buying into these ideas that we need to know more about someone else's family (i.e. television shows) in order to have conversations rather than enjoying the company of one another with some stimulating activities like a great game of Scrabble or something where we actually *gasp* talk with one another and learn with one another!

Have a great day!


Rey : )


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Happy Remote Wild Wednesday! Happy Remote Wild Wednesday!

What is that you ask? Well, I scheduled this post to be made on Wild Wednesday. Why did I schedule a post to be made rather than typing it live? Because if all went according to plan, I am in a remote area waking up after night one floating the Rio! This time I'm floating with Far Flung, but either way I am definitely away from the phone at the moment... Please leave a message and I will get back to you! :)

Ok, seriously now... I know this sounds like a lot of fun and relaxation and all of that, but it takes a LOT of work. And I'm not even the guy who was doing the REAL work setting up the float/etc! I just helped map out and coordinate the events for this outing! But I DID get my websites in order before hand, and I DID work nights and weekends to get all of that done, so if this was relaxing? I think I can use that once in a while. Right?

Meantime, I intend to bring back some additional fun photos from this outing. Did I tell you that this will be my first overnight float on the Rio? Or on any river for that matter? In fact, this'll be a two night float! Well, I hope everything is well back in your neck of the woods and I hope to bring you some amazing photos and footage as usual! How can I fail right? I'll be in one of the most amazing areas in Texas!

Have an amazing Wednesday!

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Happy Wild Wednesday! Happy Wild Wednesday!

It is another rainy day here in San Antonio, so I thought I'd share a similarly moody photo. This image is of the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park on a rainy day way back when. I LOVE the shadows in this image. The challenging thing for me is that I've shot in RAW for as long as I've carried an SLR, but I have yet to go through all of those images to bring out the best of what they captured. I've been busy with the paperwork aspect of getting this business in flight, but that is completed more or less ('till tax time ; ) and as soon as I've got a free minute I'm going to be backtracking through loads of images to share. Many are from my favorite place, Big Bend, but many more are from places I also consider amazing... And many more yet are from places I have yet to have visited!

Have a great day, I hope to share a trail with you along the journey!

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Mission San Francisco de la Espada A long time ago what seems like several lifetimes ago now, a now distant friend of mine took me out to take some nighttime cityscape shots for the first time. We had a blast taking pictures well into the night. Tonight for the first time in a bit, I'm finally able to sit at the desk without being as concerned about how "up to date" all of my corresponding websites are. I BELIEVE I've got them all up to date finally.

I'm ending the day late again, especially considering I'm heading out on a work related gig this upcoming Friday and that I've still got about three days worth of work to fit in between now and then. Don't worry, I'll manage to get it done as usual! Nothing increases productivity like the last moment, right? In this case it won't be a last moment production, but thankfully I have the tools to get the job done on the road if necessary.

Let me know what you think of my sites if you get a chance! They are all interwoven in some way or another to lead to this very path where we can share some stories and comments on a regular basis. I hope you like the story, and I hope you like the pic! It reminds me that even way back on March 9, 2007 I was already shooting for the stars. 

Have a great day! I hope you keep shooting for the stars as well!

Rey : )

P.S. My newly minted (always being refined) websites are as follows:

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Throwback Thursday :) Happy Thursday All!

I hope you are having a fantastic day! I wanted to share something before I got out into the world today. This is one of my favorite photos of an Acorn Woodpecker (Scientific Name: Melanerpes Formicivorus) because in this shot it is actually photographed with one of the items from its cache. An acorn! The acorn you see tucked into the branch towards the left side of the frame was just placed there by this beautiful bird. Have an amazing Thursday, and hang in there! The weekend is just around the corner!!!

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How did your day begin? We don't always realize it, but the way our day begins can be greatly influenced by how our previous day ended. As an example, if we spend our time falling asleep being grateful for what we have and/or with positive thoughts about how the next day's individual challenges will be overcome, we will wake up refreshed and confident about facing the new day's already identified challenges. If we fall asleep with great concern (think of how it feels to read or listen to urgent newsworthy feeds before bed) we will often times dream about these large scale problems and we can wake up anxious about facing the day with a feeling of being unable to accomplish everything we need to accomplish because we don't have absolute control over some of the large scale problems our society faces. It is better to fall asleep giving thanks for what we have and thinking about how we can help ourselves and those who we know and interact with to have a happier day rather than falling asleep worrying how to further our individual status or how to solve the world's problems.

If your day started off with trouble and concern, that's ok! Every day has new potential. I am sharing this insight so that we can remind ourselves of how to short circuit the pattern of negative day after negative day. Start out by ending the day right! The night before, unplug! Disconnect from mainstream television. Fire up that smart tv you have and load up some informative YouTube videos showing you a new place or a new dish you've been interested in preparing! Fall asleep after reading a few pages or a chapter of a book you are interested in! The main focus here should be avoiding the introduction of new stress into your thoughts before the end of the day. How in the world can you guarantee that you achieve this? Well, you have absolute control over most of the the influences that are introduced into your life. If you like nature, make a plan to start out seeing nature when you wake up! It helps if you focus on something equally amazing the night before you wind down your day! If you find something that works, share it with someone else so they can also enjoy having less stress as well!


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Sunrise from South RimSunrise from South RimThis photo was taken the morning of 06/03/07 after hiking the majority of Pinnacles by moonlight and flashlight. Along the way three black bears (along with myself) were awakened quite suddenly well before sunrise after a chance encounter somewhere in Boot Canyon. Enjoy!

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What are you in for? The photo I'm tying to this post is one of my dad. He and I hiked South Rim on April 14, 2007. Truth be told, it was him who inspired me to learn more about wildlife and nature. Well, indirectly at least. His company had an annual group outing to Big Bend National Park for at least a couple of years. The very first trip up into The Basin, I saw a Mexican Black Bear crossing the road near the Lost Mine trailhead. That was back in maybe 1993. I'll have to double check the dates on that. Anyway, I was hooked from that first ride up into The Basin. I've been back with a number of people a number of times, but I felt it noteworthy to give thanks to my dad for giving me the chance to see these wild things that still exist out there in the world. Along this journey I intend to do the same for many more of you, as well. THAT is what I'm in for!

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Does Anyone Like Rattlesnakes? Happy Tuesday!

I know that snakes are not the most attractive of the critters that people post pictures of, but I am a firm believer in posting photos of ALL critters that were photogenic during a given outing. In other words, I aspire to present ALL of the beauty (even the beasts) that have crossed paths with me as often as possible. All critters are worthwhile indicators of the health of a given ecosystem. In fact, without some of these critters we would not have as much stability in the ecosystems that we in fact a part of.

Although I do intend to present photos of snakes and spiders and maybe a few other critters that people might consider to be scary, I do tend to have the same "awww, how cute!" reaction to things that are in fact cute. On that note, I am CERTAIN that I will also present quite the number of cute and fluffy images as time goes by. For today as I begin my work revamping the content that I have both here and on my social media pages, I came across this easy to work with (translated... perfect duration/easy to post on all channels quickly) video file and started with this. It is a rattlesnake crossing the road:

Rattlesnake slowly crossing the road in Big Bend National Park

Remember... EVERYONE (and everything) is here for a reason. Let's keep opinions to a minimum, facts at the forefront, and logic should ALWAYS be in play. Leave behind the fear and greed and get yourself out into nature when you can, it can change your life (and perspective) forever!

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Never Forget September 11 will be tied to terrible acts from the past well into the future. We must carry forward our "Never Forget" ideal into the present so that it also includes the actions of rebuilding and doing good for each other. As we respectfully remember those who were lost on September 11, 2001, let us also remember that we can accomplish great things when we work to do good for each other. In today's world there is still much to do with regard to rebuilding and doing good for each other. Find your footing, maybe say a prayer or two, and then dig in! Let's get out there and help improve someone else's day! In doing so, we are likely to find that we are actually improving our own day at the same time.

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Across the Eras It seems difficult to think in terms of eras, but only if we limit our own scope of thought to be constrained by our individual longevity. Some of us do not set out to do so, but we will leave behind works that may be reviewed beyond our own lifespan. When I looked back on what I was leaving in my wake, it was not all that amazing. Don't take what I write in the wrong way, I am absolutely blessed to have an amazing family and some amazingly supportive friends. I was blessed to have a great job with great benefits, and it was a job that I worked hard to earn to begin with, but it was not a job that felt "natural" to me.

I haven't always felt more at home outside than inside, but wildlife continues to draw me outside and I have grown more comfortable outside as civilization has become more "advanced". Wildlife is a key indicator as far as the health of an ecosystem. Wonderful landscapes are always in the proximity of pockets of wildlife. It is difficult for me to go into a place looking for wildlife only to come up empty handed in terms of landscape images. In other words, even on a "bad day at work" outside, I still find solitude and beauty on every horizon.

I am not sure that mass printings will continue to exist Across the Eras, but I am certain that people will always enjoy looking at the wild beauty that still manages to exist among the harshest conditions that are sometimes caused by humanity. I am excited to bring these wild stories your way from those places that were just "too far to go see with just one week of earned time off". I will do my best to capture the overall energy to share with you, and I will do my best to earn my keep. Do me a favor if you see something you like... SHARE what you see! I do have the tools I need to do my job... But I still have to pay for them! :)

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Go Live Your Dreams Quite some time ago I awakened from a dream that I was having while at a rented room in Estes Park just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. In the dream I had been driving up the road well after dark when an animal with a long tail crossed the road ahead from left to right. Immediately I knew this was a mountain lion as I had seen this animal before in real life. What exactly is real life, by the way?

In my normal road interactions with wildlife at these unusual hours, I will stop the car and turn it off, knowing that I will be able to better hear approaching vehicles IF that issue even arises, and it gives me a quiet interaction with whatever Nature I've stopped for in order to take in the encounter. In this case I stopped the vehicle which happened to be the same rental I was in, and I looked out of the lowered windows. It was about 30 degrees outside, snow was lightly falling, and there was a mountain lion cub outside my driver's side window JUST out of reach with regard to taking a photo in the dark.

In my dream I stepped outside of the car, startled the cub enough to where it walked around to the front of the car, and I stealthily snuck around the back side of the car thinking "I will get my picture when the cub comes around to the front of the car". At this moment I remembered that momma had crossed the road just moments before, so in my haste to get "safe" again, I climbed on top of the rented vehicle to escape the reach of the mountain lion. I quickly awoke knowing full well that a lion can leap upwards at least 16 feet vertically without any running start. The car and my being on top of the car would be no match if momma wanted to neutralize the threat to her baby.

As I sprang up from bed I awakened Kim who had been sleeping soundly next to me, and she entertained the idea of my dream and got bundled up to join me as I excitedly claimed that I HAD to go up the road because of this dream I just had. Not more than a tenth of a mile up the road, a large animal crossed the road almost as if in a dream. It glided across the road more than anything, maybe even spilled across the road... But that telltale tail roped along behind the animal and gave 100% confirmation that this in fact was a mountain lion crossing the road. I had forgotten about the dream and gone into auto pilot by this time.

I stopped the rented vehicle and rolled down the windows as I killed the ignition. All was quiet as tiny snowflakes fell outside the vehicle, and you could almost hear the larger flakes hitting the powdery surface of the long cold road surface. Suddenly I heard a "peep" off to my left and looked towards the sound. There was a mountain lion cub! It was making a chirping noise of some sort, much different from that I'd imagined a large cat could make. I instinctively reached for my door handle thinking "that cat is JUST OUTSIDE the reach of my camera setup", only the hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I suddenly realized I had just dreamed this very situation and the message in the dream was that leaving the car and climbing on top of it were both bad ideas.

I remained in the car and just watched, and a SECOND cub appeared from behind the first cub, both were chirping and the first cub stepped just inside where I believed my camera could capture a shot. I took this photo (along with two other not so great shots) and then remembered again that momma was across the road from her cubs. I started the rental and backed up quite a bit and killed the ignition again. This time the cubs had their chirps returned and momma guided the two across the road to join her and a THIRD cub!

Before you knew it, all three cubs had fallen in line and were climbing up a rocky mountainside to our immediate right. The lions appeared as if they were only silhouettes moving against the rock, their coloration matching the rock surface almost identically. The only time you could tell this was not a dream or your imagination was when any of the lions looked back in your direction and the roadway lights or nearby lodging lights would catch the cats' and return a green reflection from their light gathering eyes.

Since this point in time I've seen several other big cats, almost always in a manner that makes you wonder afterwards if you really saw these elusive critters. One such sighting was this year itself on almost the exact same stretch of road with another friend of mine after taking a drive just to see if any cats might make an appearance for us. I've dreamed for quite some time of capturing some amazing images or footage of these elusive critters, almost always to turn home disappointed that I just needed a little more time to make that dream happen. Maybe though it isn't the time I needed, but the dreams themselves. I continue to dream of the day when I find my beast who wishes to pose for me just long enough to capture the moment and relay it once again to share her beauty with the world.

Remember, having dreams is just a part of the equation. One has to take action in order to ever realize their dreams. Go live your dreams! They can't come true if you don't take the first step, right?


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We ALL Walk These Paths Together The very ideals we are all struggling within (and without) create divides that keep many of us from wanting to engage with others because of the fear of... Having to give something up. Compromise. Change.

If we can associate EVERY purchase we make being tied to a reaction of some sort, if we begin to think with regard to what good the purchase itself conveyed monetarily and to whom this blessing will be distributed while even before all of this considering... What resources were taken, what waste will this purchase generate overall, and HOW were these resources harvested in order to be presented to me in the manner they were presented... Then we can begin turning the tables again so that Humans are walking more harmoniously with Nature again.

- Stingrey

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Wake Me Up When September Ends! I am pretty excited to see where the roads take me over the course of this next year or so. I've finally gotten my website a bit more on track as of this morning, and I will begin making my way to improve upon the photos I've brought to you over the past couple of decades or so. I'll also finally have time to GO THROUGH the images I've taken over the past couple of decades or so :)

I hope to have some gems uncovered for you on a regular basis starting over these next couple of weeks! For now, Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend, and if you are doing better than the rest make sure to SHARE with those in need!

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Happy Last Day of August! It has been an absolute challenge getting my site working again after having had my host switch to another buyer just days into me having left for Yellowstone. In the same stretch my credit card was compromised (I RARELY have any unusual activity like this) AND my debit cards for my busienss accounts suddenly would not allow me to even make simple deposits into my bank accounts. How unusual, right? I still pressed on and went ahead with the drive and the urgency to make it to the desintations I’d intended to see. Now I am back home tying up some loose ends monetarily, but before long I will be on the road again kicking off my new gig.

Meantime, the debit card deposit issue? That resolved itself no sooner than I got home. The compromised credit card? Worked around that without too much trouble (thanks mom for bringing the replacement with you when you visited Yellowstone : ) and after just the right number of clicks and emails, I finally got my website published. It needs some true updates to be up to date, but I think this is a good start, right?


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